Head Lice

Only treat infected individuals – not whole household.

NHS Grampian does not recommend a policy of rotating between specified insecticides.

Treatment must be reapplied after 7 days to ensure any lice that hatch following the first application are killed. 

Head lice treatments available and in use in the UK without prescription are:

  • Dimeticone Hedrin lotion®
  • Malathion Derbac-M liquid®

Some preparations contain alcohol or irritant vapour, which may produce adverse effects in certain individuals e.g. those suffering from eczema or severe asthma.  In such cases, an aqueous/alternative preparation should be considered. 

A contact time of 12 hours, or overnight, is recommended for lotions and liquids.

Additional products available OTC include:

  • Isopropyl myristate and cyclomethicone solution, g. Full Marks Solution®
  • Coconut, anise, and ylang ylang spray, e.g. Lyclear® SprayAway