Suspected Meningococcal Disease

BIS guidance



For prevention of secondary cases consult local public health team.

Transfer all patients to hospital immediately.

If time before hospital admission, and non-blanching rash, give IV/IM benzylpenicillin or cefotaxime, unless definite history of hypersensitivity.

Treatment for prevention of secondary cases of meningitis should only be prescribed on the advice of a Public Health Consultant

IV or IM benzylpenicillin

Age ≥10 years: 1200mg

Children 1-9 years: 600mg

Children <1 year: 400mg


Give IM if vein cannot be found


IV or IM cefotaxime

Age ≥12 years: 1 gram

Children <12 years: 50mg/kg


Give IM if vein cannot be found