Eradication of Helicobacter Pylori

Treat all positives if known DU, GU, low grade MALToma, or Non-Ulcer dyspepsia (NNT 14).

Do not offer eradication for GORD.

Do not use clarithromycin, metronidazole or quinolone if used in past year for any infection

Local choices based on GI consultant recommendations due to microbiology resistance and patient compliance issues.



Always use PPI (omeprazole 20mg).


For 7 days

PPI WITH clarithromycin +

500mg twice daily

For 7 days

AND either amoxicillin

1g twice daily

For 7 days

OR metronidazole

400mg twice daily

For 7 days

Penicillin allergy & previous clarithromycin - PPI three times daily WITH bismuth subsalicylate

525mg three times daily

For 7 days

PLUS metronidazole

400mg three times daily

For 7 days

PLUS tetracycline hydrochloride

500mg three times daily

For 7 days