Vancomycin Guideline

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Please refer to the full vancomycin guideline for further details on prescribing, administering and monitoring.

The preferred calculator is on the Hospital Portals page [intranet only] as this calculator allows you to print a copy with reminders to document the patient's name and CHI and gives information on monitoring.

Otherwise use the Antimicrobial Companion app calculator choosing the 'Intermittent' option. 'Continuous infusion of vancomycin is only prescribed in high dependency areas. Both calculators use the same dosing calculation for intermittent dosing but the app calculator requests you to round up a patient's body weight so there may occasionally be small differences in the calculated dose.

It is good practice to print a copy of the result for either calculator if printing is possible. The printed vancomycin dose calculation should be filed with the patients' prescription and administration record.

Please prescribe vancomycin on the new (green) vancomycin prescription, administration and monitoring chart - available on wards or via your ward pharmacist.