Cellulitis - not spreading


Strep.pyogenes, Staph.aureus.

First Line

Flucloxacillin IV for 7-14 days (oral route can be used for mild cellulitis)

(High dose flucloxacillin e.g. 50mg/kg will cover Strep. infections)

Switch to oral flucloxacillin at 48 hours if clinically appropriate


Second line: mild intolerance or mild skin reaction

Ceftriaxone IV for 7-14 days

Oral switch to Cefuroxime

Anaphylaxis (including severe skin reactions) to penicillin / cephalosporins or MRSA

Vancomycin IV for severe infections for 7-14 days

Clarithromycin PO for non severe infections for 7-14 days