Infectious Gastro-enteritis

Micro Organisms

Campylobacter spp.

Viruses incl Norovirus

E.Coli 0157 - Refer to Public Health Management of Infection with Verotoxigenic E.coli. (VTEC)

Shigella spp.

Salmonella spp. (not S.typhi or S.paratyphi)

Giardia spp.

First Line

Usually no antibiotic treatment is required

Send faecal samples and blood culture if pyrexial

Contact microbiology or paediatric ID for advice if severe illness. Severity markers include: presence of blood/mucous in stool, abdominal pain, tenesmus or risk factors for hypochlorhydria

Giardia Species

Metronidazole PO for 7 days

Send faecal samples for culture and microscopy for ova, cysts and parasites. Risk of recurrence high  therefore follow-up stool sample advised.