Bacterial Meningitis / Meningococcal Septicaemia


1-3 months - Group B strep, N.meningitidis, E.coli, Strep. pneumoniae, Listeria monocytogenes

> 3 months - N.meningitidis, Strep. pneumoniae, H.influenzae type B, Group B strep

First Line

< 1 month: Benzylpenicillin IV + gentamicin IV +/- cefotaxmine (if broader cover desired in addition)

1-3 months: Cefotaxime IV + amoxicillin IV IV for 7-21 days

> 3 months: Ceftriaxone IV +/- vancomycin IV (if penicillin resistant Strep.pneumoniae suspected) for 7-21 days

Course length dependant on organism - discuss with microbiology or paediatric ID

Anaphylaxis (including severe skin reactions) to penicillin / cephalosporins

Discuss with microbiology or paediatric ID