Gastroenteritis and Colitis


Most infections will be self-limiting in nature.

Even bacterial infections e.g. Campylobacter, Salmonella are commonly self-limiting.

Send stool sample for culture. If bacterial pathogen identified, report will contain comment to guide management.

If C. difficile infection is suspected - review guidance "Clostridium difficile assocaited disease" guidance and consider empirical management.


No evidence of associated systemic infection or sepsis

Antibiotic therapy should be avoided due to increased risk of HUS in potential Shigatoxin-producing E.coli (e.g. 0157) infection and risk of exacerbating potential C. difficile infection

Evidence of systemic infection or sepsis

Gentamicin as per protocol


Amoxicillin 1g IV 8 hourly (or Vancomycin IV as per protocol if penicillin allergy)


Metronidazole 400mg PO 8 hourly or 500mg IV 8 hourly

Treatment duration: 5 days 


Oral switch guidance

Review culture results first. If no positive microbiology to guide:

Preferred regime - Co-amoxiclav 625mg PO 8 hourly

Alternative - Co-trimoxazole 960mg PO 12 hourly AND Metronidazole 400mg 8 hourly


Review need for antibiotics daily including any available microbiology results.