Gastroenteritis/Food Poisoning (Notifiable Disease)

Important: Notes

In general, antimicrobial therapy should be avoided, as most bacterial infections are self-limiting. Generally, antibiotics only reduce diarrhoea by 1-2 days, can cause resistance and are contraindicated in E. coli 0157 infection where they may enhance toxin release and increase the risk of haemolytic uraemic syndrome.

If patient is immunocompromised, or has signs/symptoms suggestive of deep seated or invasive infection, please discuss treatment options with the Consultant  Microbiologist.

Suspected E.coli 0157 must be reported to NHS Borders Public Health. See Health Protection Microsite for details http://intranet/microsites/index.asp?siteid=85&uid=1

Stool and, where appropriate, blood cultures should be taken and clearly labelled with relevant history, including travel history.